Review: The Decision Book: 50 Models for Strategic Thinking

As the queen of the one-pager, it’s no wonder I am totally in love with this book—every two-page spread covers a strategic model to help frame your problem and your thinking. I know, right? How cool is that?! Not all the models are equally useful, but each serves an important job: they inspire you to act—to rally the team, gather around a whiteboard, and get going on ideating and problem-solving.

I have too many diverse initiatives running concurrently so I reached for the book recently to pull out the Project Portfolio Matrix. By evaluating my projects on the variables “objectives achieved” and “amount learned,” I was able to swiftly prioritize projects based on alignment with my goals. Sure, there are other ways I could have done this, but the frameworks are easy, fast, and effective.

The models aren’t rocket science. And some are ancient (Hello BCG Matrix!), but they are incredibly useful. The Decision Book is serious nerdy stuff for serious nerds who like pondering—with teeth—i.e., pondering that yields results fast. This is a tiny gem of the book that’s worthy of premier placement on your desk or nightstand.

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