Review: Hoot and Peep

Owls are magnificent—the real ones. But storybook owls? I am vaguely familiar with several children’s books that feature owls but, honestly, I can’t name the title of one rapid-fast. And I know there’s no fictional owl that made an impact on me as a child like Charlotte the spider, Misty the horse, Ping the duck, Sounder the dog or the dozens of other farm and wild animal stories that captured my heart. So, when I saw Hoot and Peep sitting face-out on the crowded bookshelf at my favorite children’s toy store in Minneapolis, Creative Kidstuff, I walked past the display. Not once, twice or even three times. It took me four passes through the store to stop and acknowledge the book. The owls on the cover? Whatever. The illustration style? Okay. The colors? Fine.

But then it hit me—someone chose to place this book face-out from among a large selection of beloved children’s book titles. I picked it up and perused the pages. And, man ‘o man, was I in for a surprise. Hoot and Peep was an absolute delight to read!

The book features big brother, Hoot, who can’t wait to take his sister out and teach her the right way to speak to the night. But, Peep, she sees the world through a different lens and has a different song to sing—a hilarious one, I might add. Schweepity peep cooo, ding dong bong is one of her masterful creations.

I couldn’t help but read Peep’s songs aloud—they were just so darn dorky-good!

Peep is just ALL wrong and ALL positively wonderful. But isn’t that just the way it is with those “troublesome” independents? Hoot and Peep is without question a charming picture book—one you’ll want read-aloud again and again with your little ones.

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