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Review: Key Management Models: The 60+ Models Every Manager Needs to Know

I came across this gem a few weeks ago as I was finishing a similar book, The Decision Book: 50 Models for Strategic Thinking. (See My Review Here.)

While both books follow a similar format: one strategic framework per two-page spread, they are created for different audiences. The Decision Book is designed for the proverbial ‘everyman’—the models are simple, widely applicable, and easy to digest. One does not have to be an academic or an MBA to understand or apply the tools to oneself or one’s business. Key Management Models is no less potent or useful, it’s simply more theoretical—more academic. It’s the perfect handbook for business analysts, MBA students, and strategy consultants (think: McKinsey, Bain and the like.)

I loved Key Management Models because it included many ol’ favorites (Hello Value Chain! Hello Porter’s 5-Forces!) while introducing a new trick or two such as Greiner’s Growth Model. Reading this book was like reliving my MBA studies—it captures darn near every useful management model developed in the last several decades:

The book is structured into three parts: Strategic Models, Tactical Models, and Operational Models. All are focused on one thing: optimizing business performance. Each visual model is supplemented with instructions to help the user apply it effectively: The Big Picture, When to Use It, How to Use It, Final Analysis, and References.

My local library did not have Key Management Models in its collection, so I obtained a copy through an inter-library loan. You can purchase the book online. The newest paperback edition (with 75 models instead of 60) runs around $30—well worth the value for those who are serious about learning and applying the tools to their business or clients’ businesses.

Key Management Models offers lots of great stuff to geek out on.

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