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Review: The Kinfolk Entrepreneur

What a surprise The Kinfolk Entrepreneur was. I discovered it in the Business—Startup section of my local Barnes & Noble. I thought it was a beautiful coffee table book that profiled entrepreneurs, and it is, but not of the traditional “startup” kind often associated with technology and Silicon Valley. It’s a beautiful book. And it profiles entrepreneurs. But they are entrepreneurs of a different sort: the creatives—i.e., the fashion designers, architects, artisan bakers, furniture designers and publishers from cosmopolitan cities around the world that are pushing the boundaries of art and design and catering to the world’s elite.

The Kinfolk Entrepreneur is big, beautiful, and chic—it’s got a jet-setty feel. There’s plenty of inspiration on the pages which makes it the perfect gift for the artist or aspiring artist. The author, director of, Kinfolk, a lifestyle business based in Copenhagen, drew the concept for his book from Studs Terkel, whose groundbreaking 1970’s book, Working, explored—through dozens of interviews—what people do all day and how they feel about what they do. Williams takes a similar approach weaving narrative with sumptuous photos of the featured artists and their places of work. From a Creative Director in Milan, a cineaste in London, to a retailer in Oslo—there’s a creative role to intrigue every curious adventurer.

The book closes with a “Tips” section that offers expert advice and wise words from even more entrepreneurs on topics such as How to Hire, How to Adapt to Success, and What to Purchase for the tres chic office (e.g., books, desk essentials, snacks.) I found this latter section a tad pretentious—actually, I found the book a tad pretentious. But then I would because snobbery is not my thang—I know that true style knows no class. My mild aversion aside, The Kinfolk Entrepreneur is a beautiful book, a beautiful gift and a beautiful homage to beautiful people who make beautiful things. If you geek out on design as I do, you’ll geek out on this book

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