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Review: If You Look Up to the Sky

The right book in the right child’s hand has the power to transform that child forever. I imagine, in time, If You Look Up to the Sky by Angela Dalton will transform thousands, if not millions of children’s lives. This is a book for all to love, but it is especially a book for girls of color to love.

The story, inspired by Dalton’s own life and experiences, is about a young black girl whose grandmother teaches her that the sky and universe will always offer her love, protection, and guidance should she ever need it.

The words are words that every child deserves to hear:

If you look up to the sky
and see a star streak across the darkness
know that you are special and, like the star
there will never be another you

But Dalton’s voice is intended for the young girls who follow her—to lift them up and remind them of their singular beauty in the face of challenge, discrimination, and hardship.

Margarita Sikorskaia’s illustrations are as magnificent as the story. Dark, dreamy and magical with flashes of light and luster, the images are the perfect container for holding and amplifying Dalton’s soothing words.

Picture books are tough—the best ones combine a compelling story with stunning design and illustration. Dalton and Sikorskaia teamed up to deliver something special—something I’ll keep in my picture book collection forever. Or, until I find the right child’s hand to place it in.

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