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Review: Love Hurts: Buddhist Advice for the Heartbroken

Love Hurts: Buddhist Advice for the Heartbroken
Love Hurts: Buddhist Advice for the Heartbroken by Lodro Rinzler
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Such an unfortunate “weighty” title for such a wonderful little book for all of life’s disappointments–the major traumas AND the daily blows.

Don’t get scared by the word “Buddhist” in the title. Yes, Lodro is a Buddhist. But, frankly, he just may become the compassionate healer of our time. He’s witty, vulnerable, real, and exudes generosity and empathy. If you’re familiar with Pema Chodron, look to Lodro to carry forward the Shambhala voice to the masses as Pema continues to age–he’s just that good. And just that dear.

Expect a lot of affirmation for your pain in this book. Lodro’s been through a few things himself. He knows pain, and he’s effective at acknowledging yours in a way that feels personal.

But also expect a lot of tips and tools to work through your difficult emotions. This is first and foremost a manual of sorts to help you get to the “other side” of what Lodro calls “heartbreak”, but what I call “life”:

“(Every) heartbreak appointment has a distinct arc:
-Things were normal or (sometimes) really good
-Things were supposed to keep happening and/or only get better
-There was a moment of crisis/challenge/change
-One or more people acted in ways that the other person did not expect
-Heartbreak ensued”

If this isn’t just plain ‘ol life, I don’t know what is.

Lodro has a clear bias for action–the perfect medicine for a heavy heart. He reminds us (so beautifully) at one point in the book: “We’re all waiting for you to come back to us and we’re cheering you on, even if we don’t say so all the time. What can you do? What can you do today? What are you going to do today? Go do it.”

Lodro is a remarkable human being. If you’re hurting, let him hold your heart in his–because that’s exactly how you’ll feel when you read this tiny jewel.

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