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Review: Mother Bruce

Mother Bruce
Mother Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I rarely claim that anything is “the best” because I know that while there can be many exceptional things, there is rarely ever “a best.” I just may break my rule with Mother Bruce. And maybe it won’t go down in history as The Best Ever picture book (reviews and people are too subjective for that!), the book will no doubt join the small group of beloved classics, cherished by children and families for years. It’s just that special.

Mother Bruce features an independent curmudgeon of a bear who just wants a couple simple things out of life: to be left alone and to eat. Eggs. But things go REALLY wrong when one day the eggs he plans to eat turn out to be real, live goslings. And, waa… they think he’s their mother!?!

Well, you can only imagine the hilarity from here. It’s a classic tale: a grumpy old fart and the clueless youngins who love and admire him.

Higgins is a cartoonist and the illustrations convey both gruffness and whimsy—the perfect pair to compliment his masterful storytelling.

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