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Review: Nothing Stays Buried

Although the eighth book in the Monkeewrench series, Nothing Stays Buried, was my introduction to the collection. And I loved it! The opening chapter was captivating and heart-wrenching and among the most high-impact openers I’ve encountered in a long time. My empathy for the character, Marla, haunted me even after putting the book down. From there, the book splinters into two story lines which eventually converge at the end of the book. There are several characters and subplots to follow throughout Nothing Stays Buried but P.J. Tracy keeps them digestible with quirky, likable characters and plenty of fun banter between them. When the story does come together at the end, it’s absolutely riveting. No spoilers here but let’s be clear: there’s plenty to be creeped out over in this book.

Nothing Stays Buried is a fun, engaging and consistently heart-stomping read—a little non-traditional, a lot contemporary and hip and a delightful read that you’ll want to devour quickly.

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