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Review: Perfectly Undone

Perfectly Undone
Perfectly Undone by Jamie Raintree
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Meh. This is what I thought when I read the inside flap of Perfectly Undone. But I was in a tough spot: I wanted a new fiction read and this was the most promising option among the stack of advance reader copies in front of me. So, I grabbed the book, expecting little more than to tide me over for the evening until I could get my hands on something better.

Boy, was I wrong. Perfectly Undone is an exceptionally entertaining read. It took me no time to get sucked into the plot and the characters. Add a couple of sensitive hunks and a puppy, and well, the book is just fun stuff.

The main character, Dr. Dylan Michels, is appealing not because she is above us but because she is us–i.e., flawed, guilt-ridden and doubtful yet exceptionally strong, competent and resilient. And I loved the twist where she throws caution to the wind.

Jamie Raintree pulled me effortlessly into Dylan’s life and longings and I stayed there until the very last page when I could learn no more.

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