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Review: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution
The Fourth Industrial Revolution by Klaus Schwab
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The technological revolution before us promises to bring change and disruption on a scale and scope never experienced before. Schwab outlines the drivers and impacts of the revolution on our economy, business, society and international landscape. Additionally, and perhaps my favorite part of the book, is the Appendix which includes a summary of the transformational shifts expected, the tipping point of each, along with positive and negative impacts.

This isn’t a particularly fun read; at times, it’s downright unnerving. But it should be required reading for any person who plans to be around for at least the next decade. Awareness, thoughtful planning, and smart action are the antidote (or path forward) to (individual and industrial) displacement in a radically changing world.

Deep Shifts Covered in the Appendix Include:
– Implantable Technologies
– Our Digital Presence
– Vision as the New Interface
– Wearable Internet
– Ubiquitous Computing
– A Supercomputer in your Pocket
– Storage for All
– The Internet of and For Things
– The Connected Home
– Smart Cities
– Big Data for Decisions
– Driverless Cars
– Artificial Intelligence and Decision Making
– AI and White Collar Jobs
– Robotics and Services
– Bitcoin and the Blockchain
– Governments and the Blockchain
– 3D Printing and Manufacturing, Health, and Consumer Products
– Designer Beings
– Neurotechnologies

This is all important stuff every person who plans to engage in the workforce and society needs to know.

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