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Review: The Industries of the Future

The Industries of the Future
The Industries of the Future by Alec J. Ross
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I would rename this book “Industries of Today and Their Impact On Our Future.” Ross is not a visionary and this is not a provocative futurist manifesto of “what’s to come.” Rather, it is an accessible overview of today’s important technologies and industries that are shaping how we will work and live tomorrow–e.g., robotics, genetics, cyber.

Although the author doesn’t offer far-reaching predictions, the book is no less interesting. Ross was a Senior Advisor for Innovation to Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State and this is his “story”–what he observed and learned while traveling to over 40 countries exploring the latest technological advances, meeting with the “minds” behind them, and the leaders of state leveraging them. It’s a great read–the stories he shares are interesting and entertaining. What a life!

I recommend this book for every student and young professional as they look ahead to design their education, career, and life. (And every parent tasked with preparing their child for tomorrow.) We have lenses into the future and we can prosper–as individuals and as a nation–if we open our eyes and look through them.

This is just a really, really good read. An important read. For everyone.

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