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Review: Where Are All The Minnesotans?

Rarely does a book cause an immediate physical response. But that’s exactly what Where Are All the Minnesotans did to me. I’m a Minnesotan, and this book captures the psyche (and stupidity) of Minnesotans. I smiled, I laughed and I reflected on my life and stories growing up in this ridiculously wonderful state.

Yes, we drive to work after a four-foot snowfall. We create activities to busy ourselves on frozen lakes. And we pile on layers of clothes to look like our iconic Pillsbury Doughboy just so we can enjoy a nice walk on a crisp minus 30-degree day.

Where Are All the Minnesotans is a delightful picture book that captures all of what we do here in Minnesota when our thermometers turn down and our world turns white: we turn out—we bundle up and we march right outside our front door. No hesitation. No regrets.

This is how we live. This is how we’ve always lived. And this is why this picture book is going to make it on my Christmas list this year for every Minnesotan I love that’s ditched our lovely state for milder climes. I know, as they do, that what tears them away, ties us together.

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